Process + Scans+FTP

Typically film is processed, scanned and printed.

But some of our clients at The Color House prefer the process + scan option. We are happy to do that too!

When you need negatives, rest assured that we will deliver.

We will process your film and scan them into high resolution JPEG format based on the style profile you want and deliver it to you online.

If you would rather that we only processed your film and mail you the negatives so you can scan them yourself for your use, we’re fine with that.

Need to process and scan your film quickly? Great!

Contact us today with your requirements to start sharing your photos with your friends and family. Or just create a legacy for your family!

Pricing (includes processing)

Process & Scans+ FTP

120MM & 35 MM

 $2.00 Additional FTP
24MB JPEGS $16.65
18MB TIFF $21.65
24MB TIFF $26.65
48MB TIFF  $35.00
75MB TIFF $80.00
B&W additional $2.00
E_6 additional $3.00
4X5  Dev & Scans
24MB JPEGS $10.00
24MB TIFF $20.00
48MB TIFF $35.00
8X10  Dev & Scans
24MB JPEGS 20.00
24MB TIFF $35.00
48MB TIFF $40.00