Flatbed Scans

Flatbed Scanning 100% Tiff File  200% Tiff File   300% Tiff File
8×10 $10.00 (20mb) $20.00 (82mb) $40.00 (185mb)
9×12 $15.00 (27mb) $30.00 (111mb) $60.00 (250mb)
11×14 $25.00 (39mb) $50.00 (158mb) $90.00 (357mb)
12×18 $35.00 (55mb) $70.00 (222mb) $120.00 (500mb)

At The Color House, our goal is to transform your precious memories into tangible keepsakes.

As digital imaging experts, we help you do this through high quality film processing, scanning and printing.

Flatbed scans are high quality scans resulting in exceptionally accurate files from flat art. When you need small-sized files to upload online, this is the most economical option.

With this, you can:

  • Save your documents and images
  • Archive your favorite photo albums
  • Preserve your business cards, I.D.s and credit cards and other important documents.

Fast. Reliable. Convenient.

Contact us today to scan your important small documents such as insurance cards, identification cards, credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, photographs, and more.

Keep your photos and documents looking new forever!