Anodized Aluminum

While lamination protects your prints from weathering and getting damaged,
mounting keeps it in shape and ready to display.

Anodized aluminum mounts are a very unique and stylish way to mount your prints.
Aluminum is the smoothest and flattest backing material. It is also highly durable, thin and light,
which is especially convenient when your photo or artwork is large sized.

Aluminum is also resistant to environmental changes like temperature and humidity and will not crack.
This means added security for your photo or artwork, enabling you to preserve it for the longest time.
With the anodized aluminum surface as the backing, the image is fused to it, giving it the appearance
of being framed in solid silver.


To give your prints that classic antique look with custom mounting, get in touch with us.

Anodized Aluminum
8×10 $70.00. 40×60 $375.00. 48X84 $575.00.
11×14 $85.00. 40×72 $450.00. 48X96 $650.00.
16×20 $100.00. 40×84 $500.00. 48X108 $700.00.
20×24 $125.00. 40×96 $550.00. 48X120 $775.00.
20×30 $150.00. 40X108 $625.00. 60X60 $525.00.
24×30 $175.00. 48X50 $395.00. 60X72 $600.00.
30×40 $250.00. 48X60 $450.00. 60X84 $675.00.
40×50 $325.00. 48X72 $525.00. 60×96 $750.00.